About Us

Innovation Programs, LLC was born out of concern for the financial well-being of employers and their employees in the face of the continuing health care cost crisis in the United States.  Employer sponsored medical benefits are the financial backbone of the health care system.  As the costs for health care have risen so dramatically the ability of employers to supply meaningful benefits has been adversely affected.  Today there are worries about future costs because of legislative changes coming out of Washington and new delivery mechanisms evolving in the health care marketplace itself.  There is widespread consensus that the health care system has deep flaws in how it functions and in how it is paid.  All of this concern has led to confusion and frustration on the part of employers in trying to understand how they can provide quality benefits at costs that are not detrimental to their organizational sustainability.

Our experience in group medical benefits goes back to the 1980’s.  We have witnessed the incredible changes in the ability of modern medicine to treat disease.  At the same time we’ve seen how the costs of illness can create an enormous financial burden on individuals, employers, and society itself.

Whenever our country is faced with monumental challenges our innovative energies flow and the resulting creativity produces new ideas and technologies that are geared to solving problems.  In the face of day-to-day business pressures, it is difficult for employers to keep track of all the emerging technologies and programs that might be of help to them.  Innovation Programs, LLC serves as a conduit to just this sort of information.  We are familiar with thought leaders, inventors, and innovative organizations that can bring high quality programs to employers for the purpose of maximizing the value earned from the money spent on medical benefits.

Innovation Programs, LLC is not an insurance agency or benefits consulting firm, we are distributors of ideas and a gateway to new programs available to employers so that their health benefit costs become more sustainable for the long term.

Socrates said “The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new”.  Please contact us if you’d like to see how cost new and effective changes in how your benefits program works can meet the goals of:

  • Lower costs,
  • Improved health outcomes, and
  • No more need to shift additional costs to the covered people.