We are not a benefits consulting firm and we don’t sell insurance.  We provide access to leading products and technologies that focus on specific areas of health benefits where costs can be improved for the benefit of the employer and covered people.  These solutions, unlike raising contributions or cutting benefits, create value without any pain.  The 65 :1  Value Proposition is as follows:

  • For a one-time project fee of $7,500 we will identify a minimum of $500,000 of savings.65 to 1 quicksand image
  • If in doing the study we can’t identify at least $500,000 of savings we return the $7,500.
  • If the employer buys one or more of the proposed solutions and 12 months later we can’t document, to the employer’s satisfaction, that they have saved at least $500,000 we return the $7,500.
  • $500,000 divided by $7,500 is a guaranteed Return On Investment of 65 to 1.

It’s simple and the study will oftentimes find savings in excess of $1,000,000 for every 1,000 employees covered for medical benefits.

Contact: Gerald Blaum for more information.  Cell 484-818-1006 or gblaum@innovationprogramsllc.com