Value Based Health Care Purchasing offers a seemingly common-sense approach to the fee-for-service issues that have plagued the U.S. health care system for so many years.  Yet there is no simple blueprint or highway for employers to follow to easily identify or quantify programs or products that promise better quality and lower costs.  Simplicity in design coupled with outstanding communications services will allow employers to dip their toe into the Value Based pool to test out the reality of the promised benefits.  Innovation Programs, LLC represents several Value Based programs that meet these criteria.

To see an example of an effective program that focuses on surgery please click on the link below to a pdf summary of savings available to an employer who currently uses a large national carrier for their plan.  This is just a partial list of the procedures for which savings are available.  At the same time the quality of the surgical outcomes is extraordinary, less than a 1% complication rate.

Narrow Network Savings Exhibit

the following article from Forbes gives an overview of the complexity that can accompany Value Based structures.

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